How We Started

PIP was founded and started with one question in mind: “how can we maximize our ROI while limiting our exposure and duration of investment?”

Classical approaches of stock trading, buying to rent or buying houses with expected market appreciation seemed amazing on paper but never seemed to fulfill their promises or meet our expectations. After a lot of research to understand how we could buy real estate as low as possible, have a straight-forward approach to renovation to force appreciation to our expectations and quick resell to stay as liquid and unexposed to the market, PIP chose and successfully operated in the Lee County in Florida to buy and sell foreclosures.


After a long and successful career as an entrepreneur and real estate investor in Europe and Asia, Johan looked for greater returns and an simpler and safer medium to direct his capital to.


A complete devotion and focus towards our customer’s well being. An unwavering transparency about what we do and how we handle their projects and money. An eagerness to over perform -over deliver- when possible. Always, always, maximise the performance of the capital we’re entrusted with. To ensure the safety of the funds imparted to us as much as possible and, in other words, reduce risk of investments to as little as possible, at PIP, this is done mostly by the consistent number of deals made over a year with overestimated costs and undervalued selling price for quick resell.


To explore real-estate markets and to bring trusted investors to the most profitable market available and to ensure that they make as much money as possible in a safe and consistent manner.