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Property Invest Partners prides itself in being extremely straightforward and transparent both in regards to its strategy and processes. To ensure that our investors and potential partners fully understand how we work, we have posted and answered the more specific or in-depth questions regarding how much control partners have on their investments, how we manage to keep our performance consistent over time, the kind of reporting we offer and so on.

Is it too late to enter the UK property market?

Even though there was an abundance of great opportunities in 2008 and up to 2015 for long-term appreciation, most of the action has been in the London area. When partnering with us, you will access a pool of great deals, most of them HMO deals where we invest and get most of our money back in 4 months, but keep the property that is self sustainable (the mortgage is paid by the tenants). You basically end us with a free house.


What is the first step?

If you’re ready to move forward you can contact us and we will explain, guide you through and take care of the process of creating your LLC, setting up a bank account for that LLC, have your account at the auction house and funding your account.

Who do I contact?
Do I have to create a company (LLC)?

Not necessarily. If your capital is under €250’000, the investments can be done through PIP; if it is over €250’000 we will create an LLC for you through which you’ll have full control and through which all of your investments will be made.

How do I know my money is safe?

If you’re investing through PIP without a bank account of your own, we’ll have a contract guaranteeing you a minimum return of 10%. If you have a bigger capital and/or have your own bank account then everything is under your name and you have full control over it and the money spent for houses and renovations is used with your approval only. In essence, at PIP we are trusting first, we are taking the risk of not touching a commission (because at no moment do we take any amount of your money and so the investor has to allow the commission to be given from his/her bank account instead of the investor having to entrust his/her money onto us).

How long does it take for me to start making money?

From the moment you become partner, we can start bidding at auctions within a couple of weeks (this takes into account the creation of your LLC, bank and auction account, fund transfer and proper opportunity for your capital). When a house is bought it will be renovated and sold at a profit within 90 to 180 days depending on your investment level (because lower income houses sell much faster than higher income ones).

Can I take my money out at any time?

At any time after an investment cycle. Naturally, if a house you bought is under renovation, it has to go through the whole process for it to be sold at maximum profit.

What do I do with the profit?

You can either take it out after each investment cycle or leave it for further investments and growth

What about taxation?

If you choose to reinvest the profit, the taxation process might be deferred. If you choose to take out the profit, you will be taxed in the UK at a rate between 20% depending your capital and, in most cases, you will not be taxed in your country of residency yet you’re tax racket will be raised. Of course, this is a case-by-case issue, but, in any case, we will not go forward until we know the tax legislation in effect in a partner’s country of residency before starting any investment.

Do I need to be on site?

No. You can be; yet most of our partners manage all investments and transactions via email or Skype, that is, we inform them of the opportunities available and take care of bidding, renovating and selling the chosen project for them.